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Neighbour disputes

Help yourself...

NCHA believe that everyone has the right to live peacefully within the community. While a certain amount of noise from neighbours is acceptable, behaviour such as rubbish dumping, graffiti, nuisance from children and verbal abuse, can have a huge effect on your everyday life.

Most neighbour nuisance cases can be resolved in the early stages if you are willing to help yourself.

If you approach us with a neighbour dispute, we will always ask you to attempt to resolve the issue yourself. If you have done this and the problem persists, contact your Estates Officer who will need as much information and evidence as possible in order to deal with your complaint.

You can take your own action in the Magistrates’ Court. You should approach your local Magistrates’ Court for advice if you wish to pursue this option. This could lead to an injunction being placed against the person causing the nuisance which may result in imprisonment or a fine if breached.

What can you do?   

  • Talk to your neighbour. There may be clashes in lifestyle with your neighbour, in which case you may both have to compromise.
  • Your Estates Officer can help organise independent mediation services to help you achieve this.
  • Keep a record of dates and times of the nuisance. Include photographs where relevant.
  • Contact the environmental health department at your local council if there is noise nuisance or if there are continuing problems with littering or dumping.
  • If children are causing a nuisance - talk to the parents. They may not be aware.
  • If you witness behaviour which is criminal you must report it to the Police and then inform NCHA.
  • Contact your Estates Officer if your attempts to deal with the nuisance have failed.