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Fire risk assessments

NCHA carries out annual fire risk assessments to all properties with internal communal areas, this is to ensure that the communal areas are kept free of potential hazards and to identify any areas where there may be an increased risk of fire. In addition to this annual assessment, NCHA Scheme Managers test emergency lighting and venting systems monthly and fire alarms are tested on a weekly basis. However, you are responsible for your own health and safety. You must not store or use dangerous, flammable or explosive liquids, gases or tools in your home or in any communal areas or obstruct any communal area with personal belongings or rubbish. You must comply with health and safety and fire safety instructions and take all reasonable precautions to prevent fire, flood or other damage to your home.

NCHA carries out Fire Risk Assessments on all properties with communal areas. 

NCHA provides fire safety information to all residents who live in houses, multiple occupation accommodation or apartment blocks.  Please contact your Estate Officer if you have any concerns or queries relating to this matter.