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Estate inspections

Please note: If you are a home owner, a resident in an almshouse, or a tenant on a 6 months Assured Shorthold Tenancy who has paid a deposit, this policy/ section may not apply to you.

We are committed to maintaining the estates we manage, so they always look tidy, well cared for and they are places where tenants want to live.

The following services may be provided (depending on the size of the estate):
  • Gardening of communal areas
  • Cleaning of communal areas, including car parks and communal areas to flats
  • Window cleaning (flats only)
  • Removing litter and dumped items 
  • Removing abandoned vehicles
  • Removing graffiti
  • Carrying out communal repairs such as lighting
  • Estate inspections

Working with tenants, we have developed estate service standards which tell you what service you can expect. These can be viewed here.

Some services are provided by NCHA employed Scheme Managers or cleaners; they usually carry out the communal cleaning and contractors usually carry out the gardening on the estates.

The services are paid for in your service charge which is reviewed on a yearly basis with the rent. Service charge schedules detail what services are provided and how much they cost. These can be made available on request.

Gardeners and other contractors such as window cleaners have specifications which detail what they do, for example how many times the grass is cut per year. These specifications are available on request.

We encourage tenants to keep an eye on contractors by becoming a Community Voice. You would be given the details of what is expected of Scheme Managers and contractors and check that NCHA and our tenants are getting value for money.

If you wish to become a Community Voice please contact a member of Tenant Involvement or call a member of the team on 0800 0138555

Estate Inspections 

Scheme Managers visit various sites across all our regions to carry out regular Health & Safety checks, cleaning and small repairs where applicable.

Our Scheme Managers complete an inspection log for each site when they visit and take responsibility for ensuring that any issues are followed up and repairs completed quickly and effectively.

On the sites where we do not have a Scheme Manager service our Estate Officers will carry out Estate Inspections and take responsibility for ensuring that issues are followed up and repairs completed quickly and effectively. These sites will be inspected at least annually. We have identified Estates where there are a high number of vulnerable tenants or specific issues and will visit these more often throughout the year.

This year we have increased the number of Inspections we carry out and have included a number of sites which have a small number of properties but will benefit from a planned inspection.

Each month we measure how many Estates we have inspected and how many actions have been raised. We then monitor the actions raised to ensure that they do not remain outstanding.