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Having difficulty paying your rent?

You home could be at risk if you don’t keep up with your rent payments.

If you are worried about getting into debt, please call your Income Officer on 0115 844 3150 / 0800 013 8555.

We are here to help – for more information, visit our paying your rent pages, or text RENT to 0783 633 6607, and a member of the Income team will call you back within five working days.

Rent Arrears

Please note: If you are a home owner, a resident in an almshouse, or a tenant on a 6 months Assured Shorthold Tenancy who has paid a deposit, this policy/ section may not apply to you.

If you get behind with your rent (we call this ’getting into arrears’), we will deal with the matter quickly, efficiently and in a confidential and sympathetic way. We will contact you at every stage of the process to advise and help you with your rent arrears.

We will always try to come to an affordable arrangement with you to start making repayments against your arrears. As long as you keep to this arrangement and your arrears decrease, we will not take any further action against your tenancy.

If you are struggling to pay your rent, it is important that you get in touch with our Income team straight away. They can give you advice about applying for welfare and housing benefits that you might be eligible for.  They can also give you basic advice on organising your debts and refer you to the different agencies that can help you to resolve your debt problems.

Speak to our Income team by calling 0800 013 8555.

If you are having difficulties with debts, or to find out if you are claiming all the benefits you may be entitled to, please contact our Debt and Welfare Benefit Advisor.  Click here for further information.