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Collective Panel:
Task & finish and scrutiny reports

Members of the Collective Panel investigate NCHA services on behalf of all customers.

Task & finish projects may take
  • Approx. 3 meetings with some additional work at home

Scrutiny reports are more in depth and may take
  • 4-6 months with additional research

The Collective Panel decide what they’d like to focus on. Some ideas come from panel members, others through customer feedback or complaints.

Collective Panel members volunteers to lead the project, with the support of a customer involvement officer.

The group work together to produce a report. Recommendations go to the NCHA Board and are reviewed each year to ensure actions are completed.

Reports and recommendations

- Tree management 
- Communal area e-noticeboards 

Is there an issue you would like the Collective Panel to investigate or would you like to participate in any of the upcoming projects? Contact customer involvement on or call 0800 013 8555 / 0115 844 3150