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How could a bank account help you? 

A basic bank account allows you to receive money and pay bills. It can be a first step towards opening a regular current account later on.

With a basic bank account you can: 

  • have your wages, benefits, state pension or tax credits paid directly into your account
  • pay in cheques for free (but remember you will have to wait a few days before the money is available for you to spend) 
  • take money out at cash machines with a cash card (this is usually free, but some cash machines make a charge)
  • withdraw money at the Post Office
  • pay your bills by direct debit – meaning you could pay less for some things, especially gas, electricity or telephone.

Some banks let you have a debit card to pay for your shopping and some let you pay your bills by standing order. Lots of banks and some building societies offer basic bank accounts.

For more information from the Money Advice Service about setting up a bank account, please click here.