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Asbestos removal

NCHA has carried out asbestos surveys in a great number of our homes that were constructed before 1999. In years gone by it was accepted and common practice to use materials containing asbestos in common building materials such as ‘Artex’ and floor tile adhesives and as protective linings on cupboard doors etc.

Asbestos is well managed in NCHA homes and because of that presents little risk to our residents. We continue to survey our properties to identify these materials and ensure that we manage them appropriately, and in time to remove them.

We intend now to start a programme of removal of these ACMs (asbestos containing materials) and to work with us on this project we have engaged the services of a company called European Asbestos Services to carry out this work.

We will be commencing on a small test project over the next few weeks (September 2016). If you are on this initial programme you will receive a letter from NCHA advising you of this. European Asbestos Services will contact individual tenants to arrange an appointment and to explain the process of removal and any implications for residents.

We will write further to residents, to advise them that they are on a programme of asbestos removals between 1 Sept 2016 and 31 March 2017.

If you have any concerns, or questions regarding asbestos removal please feel free to contact the Building Services team on 0115 844 2935.

Asbestos information leaflet