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SmartWater is a clear forensic solution that is easily and quickly applied to possessions. It provides evidence to prove ownership of lost or stolen items, and it significantly increases the chances of criminals being caught.

NCHA is committed to seeing SmartWater installed in as many NCHA properties as possible.

SmartWater has proven to reduce the number of burglaries wherever it is installed. It is simple to install and is the most effective deterrent to would be burglars on the market.

NCHA have provided over one thousand SmartWater kits in the last two years and so far have not had a burglary reported where SmartWater has been installed.

Your local Police will offer you Smartwater after you have been burgled as there is a likelihood the perpetrators will return and burgle you again, however NCHA are offering you this deterrent free of charge NOW before you become a victim of crime.

If you would like a SmartWater kit for your property, please ring Tracey Adams, Service Improvement Manager, on 0800 013 8555 or email for more information.