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Information for tenants

Enquiries about your rent

If you have a question about your rent or about paying your rent, you can phone your Housing Officer on 0345 650 1203.

Text "BALANCE" to 0783 663 6607 and you’ll receive a reply message with your current rent account balance (this will be based upon the balance at close of business the previous day and some transactions may take up to two working days to appear)

Text PAY to 0783 663 6607 and you’ll receive a reply message with details of the last payment received into your account

Paying your rent

All our residents are required to pay their rent on the 1st of each month by Direct Debit; this is a condition of the tenancy agreement or lease.

If you pay later in the month you may receive regular texts reminding you that there is a debt on your account.

If you are in financial difficulties please respond to our communications and contact your Housing Officer to discuss this. If you ignore our attempts to make contact with you and do not clear your debt then your property will be at risk from repossession.

For further advice please contact: 0345 650 1203 or email:

Anti-social behaviour

If you are experiencing problems with neighbours or in your community then you should contact the Police, your local Police Community Support Officer or Community Protection Team.

We can work with these local services to tackle ASB in your neighbourhood and help you to collect the evidence needed. It is a condition of tenancy that tenants and their visitors do not cause ASB. Anyone found doing so could be evicted from their property.


NCHA is committed to providing good quality services. We are keen to hear your feedback, to help us continuously improve our services.

If you are happy with a service you have received from us, if you have not had a good experience with us, we have made a mistake, or you have a suggestion to improve a service, give us your feedback:

The number and email are as follows:

Phone: 0345 650 1203

Termination of Tenancy

If you decide to move out of your property, we will require one month’s notice, in writing, of your intention to leave your home. You will be responsible for the rent up to the date you return the keys to the property. You can post your notice or email it to us.

Once notice is received we will arrange for a Lettings Officer to visit the property for a Pre-Termination Inspection. This inspection is to evaluate what repairs or maintenance the landlord may need to carry out once you leave. It is also an opportunity for the Lettings Officer to advise you on what you may need to do in order to ensure you receive a full deposit refund.

A final Checkout Inspection will be carried out on the last day of your tenancy. You must hand in all keys to the Lettings Officer on the day you leave the property. If you are unable to attend the final inspection, keys must be posted to our head office via Recorded Delivery.

If we have to clear the property of personal belongings, repair any damage, or change a lock because the keys have not been returned, a charge will be made.

Reclaiming Your Deposit

When your tenancy began, your security deposit was registered with the Deposit Protection Service (DPS). In order to reclaim your tenancy deposit, you will need to know the two identification numbers which would have been issued to you by the DPS at the start of the tenancy.

A member of staff will initiate the deposit repayment request once your final checkout inspection is complete, though you can start the repayment request yourself after giving notice if you wish. Subject to the balance of your rent account and the condition the property is left in, an agreement will be made between the tenant(s) and a member of staff as to how much of the deposit will be returned. Once a decision has been made and both parties have accepted the deposit repayment request, the funds will be sent to your nominated bank account within five working days.