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Estate Management

Please note: If you are a home owner, a resident in an almshouse, or a tenant on a 6 months Assured Shorthold Tenancy who has paid a deposit, this policy/ section may not apply to you.

We are committed to maintaining the estates we manage, so they always look tidy, well cared for and are places where tenants want to live.

Working with tenants, we have developed estate service standards to inform you of what service you can expect. These services are paid for in your service charge which is reviewed on an annual basis alongside the rent. Service charge schedules detail what services are provided and how much each service costs. The standards are available upon request.

NCHA employed Scheme Managers usually carry out communal cleaning and contractors usually carry out gardening on the estates.

Examples of duties carried out by scheme managers are detailed below; 

  • The cleaning of internal communal areas in flats
  • The cleaning external communal areas, including car parks
  • Testing of fire equipment and health and safety checks in communal blocks of flats
  • Small communal repairs
  • The reporting major communal repairs
  • Litter picking
  • Liaising with tenants
  • Organising the removal of abandoned cars within five working days of being told about them.
  • The removal of graffiti within ten working days of it being reported, and the removal of offensive graffiti within 24  hours of it being reported.
  • Liaising with Housing Management staff.

Gardeners and other contractors, such as window cleaners have specifications which detail what duties they carry out when on site, for example how many times the grass is cut per year. These specifications are available on request.

Your Scheme Managers and the office they are based in:
Please select their name to be directed to the page schedules hat identify when your scheme manager will be at your scheme.

David Boyle  Nottingham  0800 013 8555  
Apostolos Lagos Nottingham 0800 013 8555
Shari Cluskey Nottingham 0800 013 8555
Brent Gask Nottingham 0800 013 8555
Michael Westwick   Ollerton 0800 013 8555
Wayne Kirk Ollerton 0800 013 8555
Trevor Stevenson Ollerton 0800 013 8555
Brent Gask Leicester 0800 013 8555 
Kim Toms Leicester 0800 013 8555
Tony Sutton Leicester 0800 013 8555
Mark Clugston Northampton   0800 013 8555
Tony Baker Northampton 0800 013 8555
Lee King-Fottles Northampton 0800 013 8555
Jason Locke Northampton 0800 013 8555
Your Scheme Manager will plan to visit the designated schemes on the days specified in the link on each Scheme Manager name. However, we aim to provide a flexible service which can efficiently deal with emergency situations and keep costs to a minimum. There will, therefore, be occasions when the Scheme managers make changes to their working programme.